LFI 05.2020 issue features “Dreams The Black Sea” Series – June, 2020

“Dreams The Black Sea” series has been published in 05.2020 issue of LFI (Leica Fotografie International). See the issue and the series.

“Dreams The Black Sea” Series Has Been Featured in Head On Festival – May, 2020

“Dreams The Black Sea” series has been featured in Head On 2020 festival, Sydney, Australia, in May 2020. Visit the festival.

“Dreams The Black Sea” Series Received Silver Medal in Portfolio/Personal in MIFA 2019 – June, 2019

The “Dreams of The Black Sea” received Silver Medal in portfolio/personal category in MIFA 2019 (Moscow International Foto Awards). more

“Dreams The Black Sea” Series Featured in Seen Magazine – June, 2019

Can, if he ever could, a headless white horse dream?
What, if he ever could, a headless white horse dream of?

My grandpa’s answer was short and clear: He Dreams of The Black Sea.

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Interview at Click Magazine – April, 2019

Suzan Pektas is a self-taught photographer based in Istanbul. She developed her passion for visual language during her college years and chose it as a profession. Exploring various forms of expression between documentary and pure visual form, she is primarily focused on the existence of individuals and their personal conditions. Suzan’s photography aims to capture invisible and intact moments of solitude. Her projects mainly concern women, urban transformation and immigration. They have often been featured in online and printed media such as Leica Camera, LFI, LensCulture, RedMilk Magazine, 6Mois.  more

Interview at 121 Clicks – May, 2019

Suzan Pektas is a documentary photographer born and brought up in Balkans, and currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. She started photography 5 years ago as a semi-professional career. for Suzan, documentary photography is a  power of storytelling. She truly mesmerized by life, and more specifically the lives of ordinary people, which are, at the bottom, built of personal stories.

Thanks, Suzan for accepting our invite. Please read on here

Interview in RedMilk Magazine – January, 2019

My subject matter is the people and their unseen stories, the characters that are lost in their own inner worlds. I try to link to my subject’s emotional layers, unearth them and explore how deeply they shape us. And, that’s where you touch the untouched, unearth the deep buried solitude. I do this by story-telling. And as for all good story-tellers, I rely on my instincts. Even at my staged works I look for spontaneity. I brief my subjects about the overall mood and let them interpret and execute it, rather than going with preconceived ideas. It is definitely a mutually interactive process as it depends on my subject’s mood and attitude, as much as mine. more

One Photo – One Story from “Black Sea” Series Featured in LFI Magazine – December, 2018

For her series Black Sea Suzan Pektaş returned to the place of her childhood: the coast of the Black Sea. On her way from her native Bulgaria to Georgia she searched for the feeling of these past summers when her grandfather, a disabled actor, told her stories about headless horses, pretty girls and the sea in the family’s beach hut. more

The “Black Sea” Series Featured in The Leica Camera Blog – December, 2018

Istanbul-based photographer Suzan Pektaş operates as a medium between reality and dream. Her photography is a visual exploration of the mundane, the fantastical and everything in between. Be it timeless, black and white street shots, more abstract experiments with movement and light or documentary story-telling, Pektaş’s output is nothing short of prolific and invariably high in quality. more

Women Street Photographers Exhibition – December 2018

more on Women Street Photographers.

Interview with curator Gulnara Samoilova in StreetRepeat.

Featured in Burn Magazine – November 2018


“Black Paradise” Series Featured by InterCollective – October, 2018

Since 2015, I have been working on long-term projects, mainly on urban transformation and gentrification, immigration and women. In one ongoing project, I focus on African immigrants in Istanbul. I have been curious about the Africans in Istanbul for long, about their widely unnoticed urban culture. more

The Independent Photographer Finalist – May, 2018

Theme: Portrait Photography / Competition Judge: Jimmy Nelson


The “Human Landscapes from East Anatolia” Appeared in Click Magazine – May, 2018

Suzan Pektas has been an active free-lance photographer for over 5 years. She continuously explores different formats and visual expressions on a human-centric common ground and positions herself at the cross-road of art and documentary. more

Interview in artphotofeature (apf) – April, 2018

Newsweek Japan – April 2018


Feature Shoot “Print Swap” Exhibition – October, 2017

Feature Shoot Founder Alison Zavos and Black Eye Gallery Director Tom Evangelidis have selected 40 images to be part of the exhibition. Black Eye Gallery is dedicated entirely to photography, representing emerging and established artists.The Print Swap is proud to present Ambient Landscapes at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, Australia. more

The Independent Photographer Finalist – October, 2017

Theme: Open Call / Competition Judge: Christopher Anderson


6MOIS Magazine – February, 2017

« Jour d’été sur le port de Thessalonique, en Grèce. La photo s’est imposée à moi lorsque le soleil de fin d’après-midi a traversé cette sculpture. C’était magique. » more

The “Göç Sakinleri” Exhibition at IFSAK – February, 2017

Suzan Pektaş ‘Göç Sakinleri’ sergisinde Tarlabaşı’daki kentsel dönüşümü ve bölgede yaşayan yurttaşların hikayelerini anlatıyor. 25 Şubat’ta açılan sergi 16 Mart tarihine kadar Beyoğlu’daki İFSAK Galeride ziyaretçilerini bekliyor. more

The “Göç Sakinleri” Exhibition at Bogazici University, Albert Long Hall – October, 2016

Belgesel LAB üyelerinden Suzan Pektaş’ın fotoğraflarından oluşan sergi, Tarlabaşı’ndaki kentsel dönüşüm sürecini ve zorunlu göçe maruz kalmış Tarlabaşı sakinlerinin hikayesini anlatıyor. Sergi, Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Albert Long Hall Salonu’nda 24.10.2016-13.11.2016 tarihleri arasında gezilebilir. more

LensCulture Takeover “Urban Solitude” – September, 2015

“Strolling with self”. Join us this week as Suzan Pektas shares her minimalist vision of contemporary, urban solitude—loneliness not in the sad sense but as an appreciation of ordinary people and their singular consciousness…through which you may discover your own. more and more

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